Our mission

Our mission is to provide and promote alternative solutions to improve the reliability of industrial installations in terms of “operability”, safety and environment.

Our action aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Breaking down taboos;
  • Advising decision-makers and industry players;
  • Detecting opportunities to help change mindsets;
  • Helping to break down non-technical barriers to the development of new techniques for making industrial installations and processes more reliable;
  • Implementing management systems based on continuous improvement (Integrity asset Management, QHSSE management system, Risk Based Inspection, etc)
  • Assist in the sustainable development policy of companies;
    Introducing companies to the circular economy.
Our actions

Our projects in the field of consulting consist of the following:

  • Risk analysis of industrial processes (HAZOP, Whatif, FMEA, etc.): petrochemicals, heavy chemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, etc.
  • Analysis of industrial processes to optimize the use of energy
  • HSE performance audits: ISRS, OHSAS 18001, etc.
  • Emergency plans, modelling of the consequences of major accidents, organisation of emergency services, etc.
  • ATEX compliance
  • Hazard studies – safety reports – Risk analysis (QRA)
  • Audit of QHSSE management systems
  • Audit of mechanical integrity of equipment

World impact

Who are we?

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