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International trading with World Impact!

WORLD IMPACT SRL is active in international trade in the field of products such as: Ores, fertilizers, seeds, chemicals, biomass …

WORLD IMPACT SRL has built up a network of partners throughout the world (producers / quarries / mines, traders, end users) as well as artisanal producers.

The trading activity is the most mature within WORLD IMPACT SRL and generates the majority of the turnover.


Fodder sorghum is ideal for mowing, it is a good alternative to maize silage in dry areas and helps to bridge the summer fodder gap. It is a warm-season grass with good drought resistance and does not require much water. It adapts to all types of soil except hydromorphic ones. It is a CIVE species (production for methanisation).



The grain maize and silage maize varieties offered by Semences de France cover the whole range of earlinesses: very early, early, semi-early, semi-late or late. Maize yield is the selection criterion for Semences de France varieties. Maize seedlings, grain or silage, are chosen to maximise the gross margin per hectare for farmers.

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